• 2011 BMW 325i

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  • Jun 2021
    I purchased the 3 litre version, normally aspirated straight 6. It is the N53 motor, the last before they added turbos. I purchased this based on its historical reliability and its excellent fuel economy with highway driving. I purchased the Motorsport version, for the enhanced brakes, suspension and bodywork. It is an astounding car for a 10 years old and drives like new. It is certainly the ultimate driving machine.
    —John H - 2011 BMW 325i M Sport / 4.5 Grade
  • Aug 2020
    Its my firat europian car, and i like it
    —Haneol K - 2011 BMW 325i M Sport / Facelift / 3.0 L
  • Jun 2020
    I was looking for this particular engine from BMW which is e90 N53 which is told to be one of the best V6 3.0L engine ever made by BMW. So I have done my homework in investing my money to this particular model and car. When I test drived this particular model I can say now that I had found my destiny. I was looking for this car which is fun to drive and still economical on your pocket. Now future will tell how its maintenance will be taken care but I have already taken 3 yrs mechanical warranty which gives me a piece of mind.
    —Abhinav S - 2011 BMW 325i M Sport / Facelift / 3.0 L
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